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KISS My Logo (Part I of III)


Branding is essential to any company. It has levels. It can build. It can evolve. It describes the true essence of who you are, almost like telling a story. At the core of that story is the brand’s identifying mark… the logo.

Unlike your branding story, a well-designed logo doesn’t require an introduction, lead in, or foreshadowing. It should pretty much punch you in the face. And when it does, it should leave a bruise.

Sure, more established brands have time and market recognition on their side. This brand recognition allows them to take a few liberties with their logo that start-up brands can’t. Take Nike, for example. They have great products. They have been in front of consumers (and on their feet) for decades. This exposure and trust in their quality helps build the brand. But would their identity be “Nike” if they just started out with “the swoosh?”



                                                                              1978                                     Current

For most, trying to create that mark that needs to say so much with so little can be overwhelming. This KISS My Logo three-part blog series offers logo design insight based on our years of experience helping businesses build their brands and, at times, reshaping the ones that need help.

First rule of thumb, follow the KISS Principal. “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” Simplicity is the key to logo design. Simple logos are easily recognized, memorable and timeless. Excessive use of details can compromise your logo’s ability to be reproduced on various mediums and applications.

Less is always more. (When it comes to logos, at least.)
Your logo will also provide the basis for fonts, color and design choices for all other business marketing materials, so think ahead. Will the colors and design features transcend paper? Visualize your logo on t-shirts, mugs, tattoos or on the tail of your corporate jet.

Also, can it be scaled small enough to fit on a pen without diminishing the look? Your logo needs to work horizontally and vertically; your logo maybe placed horizontally on, say, a calendar, but vertically on a water bottle. Overall versatility is a key component.


                                         Horizontal                                                                                       Verticle

Colors can be persuasive
Impactful colors suggest moods, emotions and reinforce your brand. While your colors need to work across various mediums, there are times your logo will print in one tone. Design it first in black and white, then add colors for the effect you desire. Keep in mind, too many colors can affect cost. For instance, a logo with excessive color variations will result in higher printing costs as your needs for more marketing materials grow.

                                        One Color                                                                                         Knock Out


Fonts should be timeless.
Choosing the right font style can do a lot for the image you want to portray. The right font not only ensures your words are readable, but promotes the style and tone you wish to portray. Lettering is expressive. How do you want potential customers to feel when they read it? Is it casual, playful, serious? Choose a font that captures that feeling. Fads and trends work for your wardrobe, not your fonts.



Lesson Learned: If your logo has a novice appearance, so will your business. But, seriously, no pressure! It doesn’t all have to be on you. There is nothing our intuitive designers can’t do for you. This is just the beginning. Check out Part II and Part III of our KISS My Logo blog series to continue to guide you through your logo design process.


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