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But can customers actually find you?
Your business is represented online by an innovative, informative website.
Your marketing materials are top notch.
Your products/services are reputable.

We hate to say this (but we will)...In todays’ finger-touch instant-information age, that just isn’t enough.

“4/5 consumers use search engines to find local businesses, yet only 37% of businesses have claimed their listing on a search engine.”  Soo Young Kim, Head of Small Business Engagement at Google.

Recently Google launched a new program. It’s a FREE program partnering with small businesses. As educated consumers, we all know FREE usually has a catch. There is a catch; Google does benefit. But we believe this is a win-win situation.

Let’s break down the win-win:
- Google wants to become a more accurate directory.
- Google asks small businesses to verify their online profiles.
- Businesses update and verify their online info.
- Google ends up with a more accurate directory.
- Businesses end up with accurate profiles on search engines.

Optimizing your business online profiles with accurate, up-to-date information is a foolproof way (and we already mentioned FREE, right?) for existing and potential customers to connect with your business on the web.

An added Bonus: Google verified listings get priority. The local pages often appear at the top of Google search results pages.

Google local pages are also “pinned” on the map in the upper right.

Here is an example of how one of our client’s information was inaccurate, and why it is important to make sure your business is displayed the right way:



The process is simple. Visit (Get Your Business Online) to verify your business information. Google will then mail a postcard to your business with a verification code. Provide Google with the verification code to complete the process.

Short on time? Need assistance?  We at CCG have taken it a step further, in an effort to support local small businesses. As a certified partner with Google in this endeavor, we can speed up your verification by eliminating the need for the postcard mailing. Contact us and we can usually complete the verification process within a day.

CCG is privileged to assist Google in providing support to the small businesses that keep our communities strong.

So check out and get your business info out there...accurately.


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