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KISS My Logo (Part III)


In KISS My Logo Part I and Part II we guided you through your logo design, now let’s put your logo to work in today’s society.

Logo Transformers
Creative logos have been all the rage since the 1800‘s...Yes, the 1800’s.

          First trademarked logo - 1876

Marketing consisted of basic print back then. In today’s modern era logos have to work much harder. An innovative logo, with a few simple alterations, could fact, it should transform.

Though they appear small, icons and favicons are cardinal facets in today’s web design and social media domains.

What is an icon, you ask An icon is a picture or graphic on a screen in which a user can click to select a function or perform a certain action. Icons are also commonly used in “apps” or applications, representing what the app does. The best icons create a visual correlation and provide the consumer with an immediate understanding. Bet you recognized the icons below even before you finished reading this paragraph.

Icons play a vital role in web design, as well. Icons suitably built in to a web design help consumers better understand and interpret information.


Lesson Learned: Consistency counts. Keep your icons consistent in size and style to maintain a professional look.

Favicons or “favorite icons” identify a website visually. It is a foolproof way to expand your branding. Visitors can quickly identify your site without having to read the URL address. Your favicon graphic can be a shrunken version of your logo, a porion of your logo, or something designed specifically to match your product image, service, or web content.



A picture, even as tiny as an icon or a favicon, can speak a thousand words. It may be your consumer’s first impression of your brand online. Make it unforgettable.

If you are not up to speed on the latest design software, logo design can be time consuming. Justifying the time and effort required in the logo design process may be difficult. In that case, we recommend asking for help. Reach out to your own design professional, or call us.

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